Your Accounts Receivable Department Is an Extension of Your Customer Service Department

September 18, 2019
While you might not typically think of your accounts receivable department as remotely related to your customer service department, the two should serve as extensions of each other and build goodwill with your customers. Viewing your accounts receivable department or customer service department in a vacuum is a big mistake, as the information received in each department can inform the customer experience and prevent any collections issues. How is your accounts receivable department an extension of your customer service department?

It’s a Point of Contact

Every point of contact that you have with a customer is an extension of your customer service department, whether it’s a message sent to your marketing team on social media or a call that you make to inquire on the status of an invoice. Every and any contact you make with a business or customer can enhance the relationship that you have. Even collections calls, when properly executed and professional, can build a positive relationship with a customer. In order to unite your departments around a better customer experience, you should always keep online notes for each contact. That way, your sales and customer service workers can stay on the same page in terms of the customer’s preferences and any news. Skilled accounts receivable departments stay on top of news at each client to avoid surprise unpaid invoices. When your customer service department calls to follow up and finds out that the company is downsizing, passing that information on to the accounts receivable department could be invaluable.

Every Customer Is Different

In accounts receivable, it can be tempting to view all customers as the numbers that they are on your spreadsheets and reports. However, every customer is unique. Never lump all of your customers together and assume that they have the same needs and wants. One example of this would be customers who are regularly on vacation the third week of the month. If your accounts receivable policies dictate placing a call that week to every customer with an outstanding invoice but that client is always gone, why should you treat that customer like everyone else? Instead, customize your reminders to each contact.

Professional Collections Don’t Ruin Relationships

Many people mistakenly assume that the collections process ruins relationships. In reality, that isn’t the case at all. Skilled and professional collections companies know how to navigate the collections process without stepping on toes or soiling your reputation. Instead, they can make an effort to learn about the companies that they are collecting from and help your accounts receivable department gain a better understanding of the people that you serve—a win-win!

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