Why Choose Alacrity?

Regardless of whether you are looking for a collections agency’s support for the first time or whether you are looking to switch to a new company, it is important to find the right fit. Here are several reasons we hope you will select Alacrity Collections Corporation as your agency of choice:
  • We put more effort into each account and therefore have a higher success rate than most. On average, our success rate is twice that of the collections industry! Our average account resolution is 40 days.
  • We care about relationships!  This includes our relationship with you and especially the ongoing relationship you have with your patients or clients. Your reputation is as important as our own, which is why we treat every person with respect and dignity. We are so good at this we even get positive feedback from people from whom we collect money. Can your current agency say that?

“This is my last payment! Want to thank you for working with me to get this paid off. Happy New Year to All.” M. A.

  • We work on every account we accept into our system, regardless of size. No cherry picking or list scrubbing here.
  • We do “skip tracing”. If you have had difficulties with your accounts receivable because people have moved and changed phone numbers, we can help. This is included in our fees.
  • We make it easy for you to work with us.  We respect your preferences regarding how you would like to share documentation with us. We offer a securely encrypted electronic drop box for your files. Do you prefer to send account information by e-mail or fax instead? No problem. Would you rather mail hard copies? We can handle that too!
  • We are specialized in healthcare / medical and B2B collections.We are your partner in increasing your cash flow. In order to keep track of where you stand, we offer monthly and quarterly reports. This ensures you always know where you stand and you can report to others in your organization with confidence. The reports include:
    • Monthly Client Statements
    • Monthly Address Correction Reports
    • Quarterly Progress Reports
    • Quarterly Age Reports
    • Quarterly Percentage of Recovery Reports
  • Integrity: With 35+ years of experience in the industry we know how to do collections the right way. In fact, our founder, Susan Hayes, is so well respected in the industry that she has been nominated for 6 consecutive terms on the Maryland Collections Agency Licensing Board by consecutive governors from both parties. This Board regulates the collections industry in Maryland and ensures that the laws are followed.
  • No minimum frequency or quantity for account placement.
We recommend you place accounts no later than 180 days from date of service, though we do take older accounts. Ideally you may want to place accounts at 120 days to maximize your returns. We are certain we can increase your cash flow while maintaining your reputation. Ultimately, we save you time while increasing your bottom line, reducing your stress level and maintaining your organization’s great reputation.  

We would be delighted to speak with you about how Alacrity Collections may be able to assist you with your significantly overdue accounts receivable now or in the future.

Give us a call or send us an email now and we’d be happy to answer any additional questions you may have. 1-800-752-9663 or info@accmd.com. Alternatively, you can schedule a 30-minute call to review these points and your questions in more detail. Just follow the steps to directly book a phone appointment with one of our representatives via www.calendly.com/hheemann.We look forward to speaking with you!
Why Alacrity