Why Choose Alacrity Collections Corporation?

Alacrity is the top collection agency in Maryland, exceeding all industry national recovery averages. We have grown and thrived over 35 years by working harder on each and every account large and small. At the same time, we approach your clients with respect and dignity. We earn your trust and theirs, collecting the money you are owed while protecting your reputation. We even get positive feedback from people from whom we collect money. Can your current agency say that?

“This is my last payment! Want to thank you for working with me to get this paid off. Happy New Year to All.”

M. A.

Here are a few more reasons to partner with Alacrity for your debt collection needs:

We make it easy to work with us

  • We work on contingency fee only. No need to pre-purchase “packages” of accounts, no hidden fees.
  • We’re flexible – share documentation any way that works for you: secure digital dropbox, email, fax or hard copies.
  • All of our collectors have earned the ACA Professional Collection Specialist (PCS) designation. 
  • We have interpreters available so we can work with consumers in virtually any language.
  • No minimum frequency or quantity for account placement.
  • We welcome smaller overall (and smaller individual accounts) as well.
  • We perform “skip tracing” (finding people who have moved or changed numbers) as part of our regular debt collection service.
  • We are fully HIPAA compliant and our data security is top notch.

We offer monthly and quarterly reports

You always know where you stand with Alacrity, and you can easily report to others in your organization with confidence.

  • Monthly Client Statements
  • Monthly Address Correction Reports
  • Quarterly Progress Reports
  • Quarterly Age Reports
  • Quarterly Percentage of Recovery Reports

Ultimately, we are in business to improve your cash flow, reduce your stress and save you time. Have questions or specific collection needs you’d like to discuss? Contact us today at 1-800-752-9663 or info@accmd.com.


where others fall short, we collect nearly 2x the average.

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We are proudly certified since 1982 as
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