Ways to Continue Protecting Your Business During COVID-19

Ways to Continue Protecting Your Business During COVID-19

As we move deeper into the year, it’s starting to feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to our efforts in overcoming COVID-19. Even still, the battle isn’t over just yet. The pandemic is still playing a significant role in shaping the world around us, and we need to make sure our businesses are protected accordingly.

Tips for Protecting Your Business During COVID-19:

Be Flexible with Your Clients

While more and more citizens are receiving a COVID-19 vaccination each day, we’re certainly not in the clear from the pandemic’s damaging effects on the economy. Don’t be surprised if your clients make the occasional late monthly payment as we move throughout the rest of the year. Rather than sending out demand letters or late fees, try to be genuine, understanding and flexible. Your goal should be to keep your customer relationships strong, even when the customer is going through a period of struggle. Flexibility may be a little uncomfortable now, but it might just be the thing that keeps your customers loyal after they make it through this challenging period.

Keep Health and Safety First

Just as they have been since March of 2020, employee and customer health should be your top priorities in 2021. There are a lot of ways your business can embrace safety. If possible, limiting travel and embracing remote working remains a great way to keep your team socially distanced. If this isn’t possible, you can simply make sure you have an in-office plan in place that includes splitting shifts, frequent sanitation and social distancing. You’ll also want to make sure that staff members understand it is okay to stay home if they feel unwell or suspect they may have been exposed to the virus.

Once you have these plans in place, keep in mind that the situation with the pandemic is changing all the time, so your company will need to be prepared to edit your plan on short notice. In the meantime, feel free to advertise your safety plan! Your customers will appreciate the fact that you are taking the steps necessary to keep them safe when they do business with you.

Embrace Agility

2020 was a big surprise, but we quickly adapted and made it through. Zoom meetings, online schooling and social distancing were new concepts to most of us, but that didn’t stop us from adapting and moving forward. We should keep that same adaptability with us as we move into the rest of this year and beyond. Change can happen at any point, and we should be ready to dance to the tune of whatever challenges arise as we move through the next stage with our battle against COVID-19.

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