The Qualities of an Excellent Accounts Receivable Employee

June 12, 2019
Are you hiring? The hiring process can be tricky when you’re looking for the cream of the crop. After all, just because someone has experience in Accounts Receivable (AR) doesn’t mean that they are right for your work environment. What qualities separate the best Accounts Receivable employee from the pool of others?

Excellent Accounting Skills

Using accounting skills is a big part of being an Accounts Receivable employee. Number crunching matters, even if you use software and other tools to keep things streamlined. Having the ability to quickly spot invoice errors, see irregularities in a client account and run numbers rapidly is essential. Basic math should be a part of every Accounts Receivable employee’s background, and accounting skills are also key. Every worker in your AR department should have a background in accounting or finance.

Attention to Detail

Even if you work at a small business without thousands of accounts, attention to detail and organization skills are vital to the success of an Accounts Receivable employee. Can your employees piece together a paper trail to determine if an account is really paid or still unpaid? How easy is it for an AR worker to spot invoice errors before they are delivered to clients and returned for correction? Attention to detail also plays a role in determining whether or not clients will be able to pay an invoice, or when trying to anticipate potential client issues before they occur. Knowing how to ask the right questions and listen to the answers can dramatically improve your collection rate. Organization and attention to detail are essential qualities for any Accounts Receivable employee.

Communication Skills

Communicating within the AR department and with customers requires excellent, honed customer service and communication skills. At the end of the day, every customer and client will not pay in a timely fashion without friendly reminders and, when necessary, more firm reminders. Accounts Receivable employees should be able to politely and professionally deal with foot-draggers, hesitant clients and customers or patients going through difficult financial situations. Handling uncomfortable and emotional situations surrounding money with grace is a great skill for AR employees.

Tech Skills

The days of using register tape and adding machines to balance the books are long gone for most Accounts Receivable employees. Today’s bookkeeping often doesn’t involve books at all! Modern Accounts Receivable workers need to be skilled using accounting software like QuickBooks, running reports, tracking accounts, creating invoices and statements and finding information. Unless you need an entry-level employee, you should look for someone who has experience already using the software that your business utilizes.

Willingness to Learn

While the right employee should come to you with plenty of training, they should also have a willingness to learn. Every business operates differently, has different collections benchmarks and different requirements for payment. An AR employee should be willing and able to learn how you currently do things at your business, while also having the aptitude to spot actionable areas for improvement.

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