Susan Hayes Appointed to 5th MD Licensing Board Term

February 1, 2016
Collector magazineWe are proud to announce that our founder and president, Susan Hayes, has been appointed to serve a fifth consecutive term on the Maryland Collection Agency Licensing Board. Her achievement has been recognized in the January 16, 2016 issue of COLLECTOR magazine. When interviewed by the magazine, Susan said, “As a member of the Maryland Collection Agency Licensing Board, my mission is to ensure the highest level of compliance and ethics. It has been my privilege to protect and serve Maryland residents from abusive debt collection practices since 1997.” Susan’s experience helping the state investigate alleged violation, mediate disputes, issue orders and correct violations has helped her grow and build her own agency with the utmost integrity over the last 35 years. “I’ve seen what abusive debt collection can really mean for consumers. As collection agencies, we can do our job well, we can achieve high levels of return for our clients, and still treat consumers and businesses who owe money with the utmost respect and dignity.” Susan adds, “Most agencies are professional and compliant. It is only a small percentage that ignore the laws — but those few negatively impact the reputation of the entire industry.”