Is Your Finance Industry Job Affecting Your Health?

Are you feeling overwhelmed? 2020 is a year that is very draining for many people, and working in a stressful industry can compound things. This may make it even more difficult to stay happy and healthy.

One recent research study found that over 2 in 5 banking executives described their jobs as “extremely stressful.” While every finance industry job is not at the executive level, the stress can affect people at all levels of an organization. Is your job affecting your health?

The Stresses of a Finance Industry Job

Working in the finance industry can involve long hours, extended work weeks and plenty of overtime. From CPA’s to budget analysts and accounts receivable teams the demands on time and mental stamina are large.

If you take in a lot of caffeine to stay awake and keep up the pace, it can have serious long-term effects on your health. Beyond the tools that you use to cope with stress, the stress itself can be permanently damaging to your health. One researcher who was a former banker found that, as early as the first year of working in the banking industry, most workers developed a stress-related emotional or physical disorder.

When you aren’t getting enough sleep, you may be relying on stimulants like caffeine. If you opt for comfort or fast food your diet is suffering. Add to that a lack of to exercise plus working in a high-energy space, you are potentially setting yourself up for trouble.

Working to Reduce Stress

While the presence of time crunches and tough situations may be unavoidable, stress management techniques can help to lower the effects and make you feel better.

Here are some tips on how to reduce stress and reduce negative health effects:

  • Keep track of the things that stress you out at work and what your current coping mechanisms are. Do certain coworkers raise your stress level? Did your reaction to the stress, like grabbing a bag of potato chips or making another cup of coffee, help you to manage it productively or make things worse?
  • Practice healthy responses to stress when you experience it. Instead of relying on caffeine, alcohol or fast food, try to make healthy choices accessible.
    • Bring a nutritious lunch. Fresh fruit is a great choice for a snack.
    • If you are starting to feel tired, get up and take a brief walk. Climb a set of stairs to get the blood moving. It will only take a few minutes but make a big difference to your concentration level once you return to your desk.
    • Yoga is a great form of exercise and an awesome way to manage stress. Research a few options that you can do at work.
    • Hobbies can also help you to look forward to things outside of your finance industry job. Make a conscious effort to unwind when you get home.
    • Getting enough sleep is another critical part of managing your stress levels. Meditation is as well.
  • Set boundaries on when you will get work done based on your office’s expectations. If you don’t put your foot down and stop working when you leave the office, phone calls checking in or emails that come in at 10:00 PM can set a precedent that leaves you working around the clock.
    Whether it’s not checking email on the weekend or turning off your ringer once you leave the office, small boundaries can protect your mental health and lower your stress level.

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