How to Stay Connected to Coworkers When Working Remotely

While working remotely offers a broad range of benefits, there are some challenges that can make. For instance, it is tough to personally connect when you can’t meet face to face. Splitting your team into multiple locations and not having traditional types of interaction can be difficult. However, there are many fun ways to make working remotely beneficial and keep everyone connected despite physical distance.

5 Ways to Keep Your Team Connected When Working Remotely

  1. Holding a Coffee Break: Coffee breaks are a normal part of most days in the office. Why not have a group break where everyone grabs a cup of Joe and puts down what they’re working on for a few minutes? Schedule a 15-minute coffee break into every workday, or set aside an hour one morning just to chat and connect about what everyone has been up to.
  2. Ask a Question: Part of the gratification of working in an office is the little side conversations that pop up over the course of a day. To keep the camaraderie and getting-to-know-you aspect of the office while working remotely, try asking a fun question once a day or once a week. What is your favorite month of the year? What’s your favorite salty snack? What would you do if you found out that unicorns were real? Your question can be as serious or as humorous as you want it to be, and your team will get a chance to have fun and connect.
  3. Connect Employees With Similar Interests: Another way to make working remotely more fun if you have a bigger team is by connecting employees who have similar interests. Do you have multiple team members who love cooking? Or who love to read? What about parents or people who play instruments? Setting up little club-like groups can connect people at all levels of your organization with each other and make working remotely plenty of fun.
  4. Contests: Whether you are in the office or working remotely, hosting contests is a great way to have some fun and show your personality. In the summer, have a “stay at home vacation” contest. When Halloween arrives, you can host a costume contest. If you want to have contests that aren’t tied to holidays, you can also organize a Best Coffee Mug or crazy hat competition among other things. Be creative.
  5. Gift Exchange: Finally, your office can host a gift exchange or secret Santa-style competition through the mail to share bookmarks, coffee cups, cookies or other treats. While digital items are fun, nothing beats the personal touch that something in the mail can bring, which was hand-selected for a recipient. This is also a perfect way to have fun working remotely whether your team is big or small.

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