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Simply put – Alacrity works harder. On average, Alacrity makes 30% more calls and sends 30% more letters than the average collection agency. Alacrity dedicates more resources on each and every account. Every account is worked systematically and thoroughly regardless of its age, size or location. The average time to resolve an account with Alacrity is 40 days – there is no faster way to get your money!

Alacrity works on a contingency agreement arrangement. The client is only charged a fee on what is collected. The appropriate contingency fee is developed for each client’s specific needs.

We begin work immediately. Upon receipt, your accounts are downloaded into our system and the team at Alacrity Collections begins our proprietary process.

Yes, we have interpreters available to help with correspondence or incoming calls. We can accommodate over 240 languages.

After an agreement is signed, the client may place accounts via:

  • Encrypted electronic portal: Link to Alacrity’s portal
  • Fax: 1-410-573-9667
  • US Mail: P.O. Box 586, Riva, MD 21140
  • Email: Please contact Alacrity for your dedicated Client Liaison’s email address


Please include the necessary information needed to work on your accounts, at minimum: account name, address, telephone numbers, balance due amount, and copy of current bill/invoice showing the date of charge(s) and type of service. Any additional information required by collectors will be requested as needed, however the more you can provide upfront will eliminate any hold being placed on the account while waiting for information from you.

For high volume accounts: Alacrity can develop an interface to receive electronically transmitted accounts directly from your system to ours. This can also be done via excel export from your system to us.

Alacrity is much more than a typical collection agency. Alacrity communicates regularly with clients, offering guidance, solutions, and training every step of the way. We also out-perform the national average success rates by significant margins both in comparison to agencies of different sizes and Alacrity also offers workshops/training seminars at the request of its clients on various topics including:

  • What to Expect from Your Collection Agency Relating to HIPAA
  • Updates on the Service Members Civil Relief Act
  • Industry Specific Benchmark Analysis of Recovery Rates
  • Access Management & Customer Service Training
  • Gathering Proper Information on the Front End

Yes. We would be happy to discuss specifics with you about speaking at your event to discuss the above topics or others that may apply to your group. You can email your inquiry to info@accmd.com.

Please see our Careers page for current openings.

We have a wide range of clients over many different industries such as every form of healthcare facility/provider, construction, private schools, technology, assisted living, home improvements, advertising, and more.

Correct, we do not charge any additional fees unless the account is approved for suit and then fees for that process will commence.

Yes. You can pay our invoice via our payment portal on our homepage or by mailing a check to: PO BOX 586 Riva, MD 21140.

Our operative process consists of effective calling and mailing campaigns. We work with each consumer to find the best course of action to obtain payment on your past due account.

The recommended time is between 90 – 120 days. Recovery potential diminishes with age of account. According to national statistics gathered by ACA International (formerly American Collectors Association), the chance of collecting on a bill that is about 14 months overdue is only 4%.

For most U.S. states, the statute of limitations is three years from date of service. It is preferable that you send accounts that are within two years from date of service. However, for best results, we recommend sending accounts when they are 90 – 120 days (120-180 days for healthcare accounts) from date of service. That is the window when it is most likely that our efforts will result in a positive outcome. According to national statistics gathered by ACA International (formerly American Collectors Association), the chance of collecting on a bill that is about 14 months overdue is only about 4%.

If we have exhausted our efforts and the account is sent to our partnered attorney, then the contingency rate increases. If the account is approved for suit, then additional expense detail will be provided at that time.


Roughly 6-9 months after an unresolved, qualified account is sent to us for collections. They will call and send letter, then determine by minimum dollar amount if the account could be profitable for suit.

Our statements and invoices are sent after the 16th of each month.

While we do not recommend this practice, if the signed contract with your client states that a fee could be added if the debt becomes delinquent, then it may be added to the principle balance.  Call us for more details.

Yes, by law they must be informed by you, prior to sending an account to collections, that per your contract the collection fee was added. You must send them a new bill advising of the added fee and new balance, first.

3 years from last date of service.

Yes, we use Equifax.

We are a debt collection agency that pursues unpaid bills on behalf of our clients. By law, we cannot leave a detailed message with our company name, or any other details to protect your privacy. Please call us to find out more.

Our clients range from hundreds of different industries. Please contact us for additional detail.

You may pay your bill by going to the homepage of our website and clicking “Make a Payment.” You may also call our office to provide payment detail, or mail in a check or money order to: PO BOX 586 Riva, MD 21140.

Most of the time our clients bill insurance prior to collections as long as it was provided to them and there were no issues with your insurance coverage. Please call our office for further review on your account. You should also contact your insurance company for additional details.

Please check your credit report to see if this has been done. You may also call us to find out more.

This can be found at the top right, or bottom right, of the letter you have received. The number on the left of the “/” is our client’s account number and the number on the right is our account number for you.  If still unknown, please call our office for this information.

This information is listed on the top and bottom right of your letter as well as in the middle. Please call for additional details such as the date of service and the service received.

This is to ensure accuracy – it allows us to make sure your payment was applied to the correct account. Sometimes account numbers or dates of service are not listed on your payment therefore the client may do their best to apply the payment to where they think it should be. We provide this information to our clients for them to review. Also, sometimes the payment does not get reported to our office. Making your payment directly to Alacrity Collections ensures your payment gets applied to the correct account and the account will be credited much faster rather than waiting for the payment to be reported to us from our client.

Our clients will always try to contact you before sending the account to collections. This could be in the form of calling, mailed letters, texting, email etc. If this is a medical related debt, then your health insurance, if billed, would have also provided you an Explanation of Benefits, showing what your balance is left to pay to the provider/facility.

The balance is dependent on your insurance coverage. You may have to reach a deductible or pay co-pays to satisfy your obligation with your insurance carrier.

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