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When Is It Time to Fire a Client Over Unpaid Invoices?

Sometimes, unpaid invoices force a business to make decisions that are not pleasant or comfortable. In many of those incidences, that decision is to fire a client. If your unpaid invoices are piling up, existing relationships with companies don’t always override your bottom line. How can you determine when it

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The Qualities of an Excellent Accounts Receivable Employee

Are you hiring? The hiring process can be tricky when you’re looking for the cream of the crop. After all, just because someone has experience in Accounts Receivable (AR) doesn’t mean that they are right for your work environment. What qualities separate the best Accounts Receivable employee from the pool

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5 Ways to Prevent Being a Victim of Business Fraud

Business fraud is a devastating issue for companies of every size. According to The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, in 2018, United States businesses lost an average of 5% of their gross revenues due to fraud. Private companies, including small businesses, experienced median losses of $164,000. In fact, fraud hit

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20 Red Flags for Collection Problems

As a business owner, being able to identify red flags for potential collection problems is paramount to the short-term and long-term success of your organization. While some businesses have one-time issues paying for services or products that they received, others consistently struggle until they go out of business. The Commercial

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Denim and Diamonds

Fundraising for Mental Health: 2019 Denim & Diamonds

Alacrity Collections Corporation started supporting the Anne Arundel Medical Center Foundation years ago and we are doing it again in 2019!  ACC is delighted to be one of this year’s Diamond Sponsors of Denim & Diamonds for the 4th time in a row. This signature event will raise funds for expanding

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The Facts on Medical Debt in America

What is the number one reason why Americans file for bankruptcy? While some would be tempted to answer consumer debt or mortgages that were too big, the answer is medical debt. Medical debt in America is a serious problem for individuals and families. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, over

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Should You Make a Deal on an Outstanding Invoice?

When you are working in B2B collections, there are numerous strategies for getting what you are owed. Check these previous posts for 3 Tips for Improving Your Accounts Receivable Process and 4 Tips for Making Difficult Phone Calls.   Once an outstanding invoice has remained for a while, you need

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Determining When to Promote in Healthcare Finance and Billing

While some shining employees make the decision of when to promote in healthcare finance and billing departments easy, other factors like revenue, budget and employee tenure can complicate things. Managers should never create a work environment where promotions are considered routine and warranted simply by showing up on time. Instead,

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Best Practices for B2B Collections with Alacrity

Best Practices for B2B Collections

Business to business collections, or B2B collections, can be a long and frustrating process if you aren’t sure what you’re doing. From maintaining a positive customer relationship to collecting as much as possible under difficult financial circumstances, B2B collections is best undertaken by a professional. Preserve Your Business Relationship Unlike

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“...I also want to say thank you to the Alacrity team for being patient with me in handling this account and letting me pay it off with monthly payments. I greatly appreciate that and the professionalism of the staff. Most of the time collection specialists are rude and judgmental. They see that a person has been sent to collections and automatically think they are deadbeats or people who do not want to pay their bills. It won't be long before my debt is paid off and I will be out of your system! Yaaaayyyy!!! Thanks again!”
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