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7 Tips for Dealing with Delinquent Customers

Even if you do an excellent job pre-screening your customers, there will inevitably be incidents where some will fall behind with their payments. Dealing with delinquent customers is critical to the financial health of your business, and you should always be prepared to act quickly to ensure prompt payment. It’s

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The Best Ways to Ensure Prompt Invoice Payment

The Best Ways to Ensure Prompt Invoice Payment

Your business, whether small or mid-sized, relies on invoice payment to pay your employees, keep the lights on and pay for the supplies that you need to do business. Unfortunately, all of the clients you invoice do not always respect or recognize that fact. One of the trickiest things for

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How and Why You Should Charge Late Fees

When companies operate in a business to business or B2B space, it can be difficult to decide whether or not to charge late fees. You don’t want to risk upsetting a loyal client or charging them for an invoice that got lost in the mail. However, every day that you

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Effective Goal Setting for Your AR Department

Goal setting is a critical skill for every department of your business. Without a defined set of standards and goals that you want to achieve, how can you come up with a roadmap to get you there? Goal-setting for your AR department is no different from planning done in other

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All About Millennials and Debt

Millennials are growing up, and their debt is growing alongside them. Numerous studies have shown that many millennials are in precarious financial situations that can increase the odds they will face collections at some point in the future. Almost 2/3 of millennials are living paycheck to paycheck, and they face

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5 Ways to Safeguard Your Customers’ Personal Information

Data breaches are happening all the time, even at high-profile companies like Equifax and Capital One. Your customers entrust you with their personal information, including credit card numbers, addresses and more. Are you doing enough to safeguard your customers’ personal information? The Impact of Data Breaches From the time that

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When Is It Time to Fire a Client Over Unpaid Invoices?

Sometimes, unpaid invoices force a business to make decisions that are not pleasant or comfortable. In many of those incidences, that decision is to fire a client. If your unpaid invoices are piling up, existing relationships with companies don’t always override your bottom line. How can you determine when it

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The Qualities of an Excellent Accounts Receivable Employee

Are you hiring? The hiring process can be tricky when you’re looking for the cream of the crop. After all, just because someone has experience in Accounts Receivable (AR) doesn’t mean that they are right for your work environment. What qualities separate the best Accounts Receivable employee from the pool

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5 Ways to Prevent Being a Victim of Business Fraud

Business fraud is a devastating issue for companies of every size. According to The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, in 2018, United States businesses lost an average of 5% of their gross revenues due to fraud. Private companies, including small businesses, experienced median losses of $164,000. In fact, fraud hit

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“...I also want to say thank you to the Alacrity team for being patient with me in handling this account and letting me pay it off with monthly payments. I greatly appreciate that and the professionalism of the staff. Most of the time collection specialists are rude and judgmental. They see that a person has been sent to collections and automatically think they are deadbeats or people who do not want to pay their bills. It won't be long before my debt is paid off and I will be out of your system! Yaaaayyyy!!! Thanks again!”
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