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6 Time Management Tips for Contractors

As a contractor, you are constantly keeping track of many things at once. From the status of the current project you are working on to scheduling sub-contractors and consultations with prospective clients, it’s hard to keep track of everything and stay on top of your workload. In this blog, we

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How to Stay Fit When Working from Home

Millions of Americans have found themselves suddenly working from home in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, and that means numerous different challenges when it comes to trying to stay healthy. After all, when temptation is only a few steps away, it’s hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle and remain

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How to Stay Connected to Coworkers When Working Remotely

While working remotely offers a broad range of benefits, there are some challenges that can make. For instance, it is tough to personally connect when you can’t meet face to face. Splitting your team into multiple locations and not having traditional types of interaction can be difficult. However, there are

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Healthy at the Office: How to Stretch at Your Desk

Whether you are working remotely or in a traditional office, too much time spent at a desk can lead to plenty of aches and pains. While most people associate workplace pains with jobs that require a lot of moving, back pain is a serious issue for thousands of desk workers.

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Managing a Remote Work Team Effectively

Whether your business has been working remotely for years or has recently been forced into remote work by the COVID-19 pandemic, managing a remote work team takes different skills than managing a traditional team in person. If you’re a team leader or a company leader, understanding the best methods for

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Preventing Back Pain in the Office

Whether you’re currently working in an office or at your home office, back pain can be a serious issue that limits your comfort and your productivity. Millions of workers around the country have some type of back pain, but there are many ways to prevent back pain in the office.

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4 Ways Millennials Can Prepare to Manage Older Employees

While there are many stereotypes swirling around millennials, studies have shown that they are hard workers and often very eager to prove themselves in the workplace. This has led to many millennials entering the workforce and managing people who are older than them by a significant margin. If you are

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The Importance of Humor in the Office

Work needs to feel like work, right? Wrong! As research continues on what makes great workplaces that both attract and retain employees, it’s becoming clearer that there is a big connection between job satisfaction and humor in the office. Why is humor in the office so valuable, and how can

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3 Keys to Successful Collections in a Dental Practice

Your dental practice relies on patients and their prompt payment to stay open. Collecting money today can feel incredibly difficult, as your practice juggles reimbursements from insurance companies with patients who are intimidated by the costs of dental care. Successful collections in a dental practice today require different tactics than

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Managing Older Employees in a Medical Practice

One of the most unique challenges you might face as a younger manager in a medical practice is the tricky situations that can arise when managing older employees. When you are significantly younger than the people that you are in charge of leading, it can feel awkward or uncomfortable. However,

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7 Simple Office Etiquette Tips

If you’re new to the office environment or just looking to brush up on your etiquette after a few years of working from home, there are many basic office etiquette rules that will ensure your co-workers respect you and your bosses appreciate you. How can you ensure that you are

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“...I also want to say thank you to the Alacrity team for being patient with me in handling this account and letting me pay it off with monthly payments. I greatly appreciate that and the professionalism of the staff. Most of the time collection specialists are rude and judgmental. They see that a person has been sent to collections and automatically think they are deadbeats or people who do not want to pay their bills. It won't be long before my debt is paid off and I will be out of your system! Yaaaayyyy!!! Thanks again!”
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