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What Happens when you Fail to Pay a Traffic Ticket

Whether it be a parking ticket, speeding ticket, or any other type of traffic violation, it is important to address your ticket as soon as possible. Some drivers who forget about the ticket or can not pay it right away may deal with additional consequences beyond the initial issue. It’s

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A Deep Dive into Skip Tracing

According to the United States Postal Service, nearly 30% of “undeliverable-as-addressed” mail comes from people who have moved and failed to forward their mail or update their new address. Though not always the case, many go unaware of their uncollected debts, and that’s where skip tracers come in.  In collections,

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When is The Right Time to Hire a Collection Agency?

When is The Right Time to Hire a Collection Agency?

When deciding whether to hire a collection agency to address overdue payments, it is necessary to identify which type will best serve your organizational structure, your industry, and your clientele.  Read on to learn more about the process of determining whether a collection agency is the right choice for your

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Tips for Working in a Hybrid Work Environment

The necessity of remote work over the last year has caused many companies to adopt a hybrid work environment, which consists of a productive balance between the office and home. As organizations adjust to this workstyle, they are also finding themselves searching for ways to keep up morale and flow

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6 Tips for Choosing the Best Collections Agency For You

Collection agencies abound, from big to small, often offering a handful of services you may not know if you need. If you’re trying to figure out the best collection agency to partner with your business, we’ve compiled 6 important steps so you can feel confident you’ve made the smart decision.

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9 Collections Acronyms You Should Know

If you’re considering outsourcing your debt collection to a third party, you’re likely to be inundated with unfamiliar terms and acronyms. You should always feel empowered to ask people to define those terms for you, but we’ve compiled a list of ten collections acronyms that Alacrity Collections uses. Legal Acronyms

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How Old Is Too Old When It Comes to Collecting Debt?

When it comes to collecting owed debts, it can really be a race against the clock. Once the statute of limitations is met, collecting debts is virtually impossible. As such, proactivity is key! Here is our advice for ensuring you collect owed money before it is too late. Step one

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What to Expect from Your Collection Agency Regarding HIPAA

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was enacted 25 years ago to protect consumer medical information and limit the sharing of personal health information (PHI) to third parties.  That includes your debt collection agency! So what should you expect from your own debt collection agency when it comes

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7 Best Practices for Patient Payment Plans

Healthcare providers are increasingly relying on patients for revenue gain. As such, it makes sense to develop a payment program to make repayment flexible and available to all patients in need of your care. As you develop your own patient payment plans, be sure to keep these seven best practices

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“...I also want to say thank you to the Alacrity team for being patient with me in handling this account and letting me pay it off with monthly payments. I greatly appreciate that and the professionalism of the staff. Most of the time collection specialists are rude and judgmental. They see that a person has been sent to collections and automatically think they are deadbeats or people who do not want to pay their bills. It won't be long before my debt is paid off and I will be out of your system! Yaaaayyyy!!! Thanks again!”
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