Medical Debt Collection

What to Expect from Your Collection Agency Regarding HIPAA

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was enacted 25 years ago to protect consumer medical information and limit the sharing of personal health information (PHI) to third parties.  That includes your debt collection agency! So what should you expect from your own debt collection agency when it comes

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How to Determine if Your Ob-Gyn Practice is Underperforming

How to Determine if Your OB/GYN Practice Is Underproducing

OB/GYN practices throughout the country work tirelessly to help people in every stage of life. This could be anything from well-woman visits to assisting women through their pregnancies and women looking for pre- and post- menopausal care. While the mission of your OB/GYN practice is to help as many people

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Difficult Phone Calls

4 Tips for Making Difficult Phone Calls

As a business owner, accounts receivable manager or collection agent, there are many challenging and sensitive phone calls you need to make on a regular basis. Money isn’t just one of the leading causes of relationship troubles; it’s also one of the primary causes of emotional anguish and uncomfortable phone

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Emotional Intelligence Is Important In Billing and Collections

High Emotional Intelligence is an asset in stressful positions. Taking steps to raise your Emotional Intelligence Quotient can have significant benefits to you and your organization. Billing and collections can be particularly stressful and an increased EQ will contribute to your job satisfaction and success. People with a high Emotional

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Improving cash flow for our customers

35 Years of Successfully Improving Cash Flow Through Collections

  Alacrity Collections Corporation, a Maryland-based collections agency specialized in improving cash flow through collections on behalf of its clients in the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond, celebrated its 35th anniversary on July 1st. Alacrity primarily assists clients in the healthcare field from single-practitioner clinics to hospitals across any and all specialties.

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Do I need a collection agency?

When Do You Need A Collection Agency?

As with many questions, the answer to “when do you need a collections agency” is “it varies.” It really depends on several points. Here are four of the most important reasons why a business or practice owner should contact a collections agency: If you run a company, clinic or accounts

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