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Improving cash flow for our customers

35 Years of Successfully Improving Cash Flow Through Collections

  Alacrity Collections Corporation, a Maryland-based collections agency specialized in improving cash flow through collections on behalf of its clients in the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond, celebrated its 35th anniversary on July 1st. Alacrity primarily assists clients in the healthcare field from single-practitioner clinics to hospitals across any and all specialties.

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Do I need a collection agency?

When Do You Need A Collection Agency?

As with many questions, the answer to “when do you need a collections agency” is “it varies.” It really depends on several points. Here are four of the most important reasons why a business or practice owner should contact a collections agency: If you run a company, clinic or accounts

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Medical Group Sued for TCPA Violation

Medical Group Sued for TCPA Violation

Following up on our previous article where we highlighted the importance of healthcare provider compliance with collection regulations, we have a brand new case where a medical group allegedly lacked prior express consent before contacting a patient per the TCPA and the FCC’s Declaratory Ruling. California’s Prospect Medical Group is

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Collector magazine

Susan Hayes Appointed to 5th MD Licensing Board Term

We are proud to announce that our founder and president, Susan Hayes, has been appointed to serve a fifth consecutive term on the Maryland Collection Agency Licensing Board. Her achievement has been recognized in the January 16, 2016 issue of COLLECTOR magazine. When interviewed by the magazine, Susan said, “As

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Healthcare Compliance with Credit Reporting

If your institution is collecting from patients, you must understand the draconian consumer protection regulations. The first step is hiring a medical debt collection firm that specializes in these laws and has a 100% clean resume for compliance.

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five hot issues in healthcare industry

5 Hot Issues in Healthcare

The healthcare industry is changing rapidly. Regulations like the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and ICD-10 coding, as well as increased patient responsibility add challenges to an already low profit margin industry. Here are the 5 hot issues in healthcare right now.

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Charity Care Versus Bad Debt

What is the difference between charity care versus bad debt? This distinction requires increased attention in the ever-changing regulatory environment of healthcare institutions.

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Managing Customer Complaints in Healthcare

Healthcare providers face numerous challenges in today’s environment.  One of the biggest challenges involves reducing costs without affecting quality of treatment and service. Failure to meet the patients’ demands for quality healthcare and service will threaten the financial viability of ANY hospital or physician group.  Just a few bad experiences can ruin a

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