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Healthcare Case Study

Healthcare Collections

A prominent hospital in Maryland was frustrated by continued poor returns on the $11 million annually being placed with collection agencies.

The Results

Alacrity improved the return on their overdue receivables dramatically. Liquidation rate increased from 15.3% (median of 10.1%) to a record high of 21.6%.


Healthcare Credit Bargraph
Business-to-Business Case Study

Business-to-Business Collections

Client needed to improve results while preserving their goodwill. It was important for the client to maintain its relationship with delinquent payors.

The Results

Alacrity spent over 30% more time and hard costs on collection efforts. The reward was a huge increase in recoveries with no negative impact to  client goodwill.


Business-to-Business Credit Bargraph

Consumer Collections

This public-facing company needed to reduce delinquent receivables but from past experience was concerned about a backlash of customer complaints, particularly in social media.

The Results

Alacrity’s experienced collectors and thorough process achieved a significantly higher rate of return while protecting the company’s image and maintaining customer relationships.


Consumer Collections Credit Bargraph

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